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If you are talking to just One or Two Solar Companies you AREN'T.

WE have the Only System in Existence with...

A Patented system that uses Satellites, Local Data Comparisons & Geo Mapping

Producing a Complete Report
Including your Expected Monthly Savings

Then compares the different Local Solar Companies having them
Bid Against Each other for your Business

Guaranteed Lowest Price!

SAVE MONEY Every Month!

Build Additional Equity in your Home

Increase your Home's Value

In just a Few Years you Own your System
making your Power Totally FREE.

The Solar Movement IS NOT about a Political Agenda, it's about FREEDOM


It's about SAVING MONEY.


And Changing your Power Bill from
an Expense to an Investment.


A Positive Return on Investment.

  • Freedom from being locked into a Long Term Contract with a Utility Company that continually raises your rates with you having no say over how much or how often.
  • Freedom to choose what you pay for the Power you use.
  • Freedom to choose if you have Dirty or Clean Power.
  • Freedom to choose just How Much Money you get to save.
  • Freedom from Brownouts, Surges, EMP and EMF.
  • It's about You Being in Control, not  Being Controlled.

So Whats all this Hubbub about Climate Change?
I Don't Believe it's Real.
I Don't buy into that theory.


Folks, We are about Saving Money.

And if in doing that we leave the world a better place, that's even better.


If I try to talk you into "Saving the Planet" but you must spend a lot of money over a long period of time, just how interested would you be?


But if I show you how to Save Money NOW and a LOT MORE down the road, while Increasing the value of your home, That's a Totally Different Story. 


Simple Logic dictates we must do something.
Scientists predict that we now have less than 20 years of fossil fuels left on the Planet.

OK, you have my attention, show me More.